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Sustainable Urban Agriculture Certification Program held in New Orleans, Louisiana

Congratulations to the graduating class of Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center Sustainable Urban Agriculture Certification Program! The training provides participants with the technical skills and hands-on training they need to start successful farm operations in an urban environment. The six-course training series took place in New Orleans, LA in partnership with the Young Men Olympians.

Participants received hands-on training in using Hydroponic systems, Irrigation Techniques, Composting, Permaculture, and More!

The Sustainable Urban Agriculture Certification team provides instructional training by Dr. Marlin Ford, Dr. Yemane Ghebreiyessus, Zanetta Augustine, Mila Berhane, Felton DeRouen, Jr., and Stephanie Elwood.

For more information about the program visit our website at and follow us on social media @suagcertify!

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