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SU Ag Center holds a graduation ceremony for its Sustainable Urban Ag Certification Program in Baton Rouge

Find out more about our graduation in Baton Rouge!

Baton Rouge, La. – Fifteen individuals received certificates of completion from the Southern University Ag Center’s Sustainable Urban Agriculture Certification Program on September 3.

The ceremony was held at BREC’s Howell Community Park in Baton Rouge at the conclusion of the five-week training series hosted in conjunction with Baton Roots Community Farm.

The Sustainable Urban Agriculture Certification Program teaches participants how to use sustainable agricultural practices in an urban environment; with hands-on experience.

“This certification program teaches individuals who live in urban and rural areas how to be sustainable farmers by using the resources they have around them to farm in small spaces, rather than large open fields,” said Marlon Ford, Ph.D., Urban Agricultural Specialist and the program’s coordinator. “There are many communities that are food deserts with no access to fresh produce or farmer’s markets. This training provides individuals with the skills they need to grow their own vegetables and fruit organically,” added Ford.

“The goal for us at the Southern University Ag Center is to not only provide our participants with the skills to help their families eat healthier but we what our participants to share what they have learned with others in their communities,” expressed Ford.

Topics covered during the series includes: Rainwater Harvesting; Rain Barrel Construction; Hydroponics Systems; Using drones in Agriculture; Permaculture and the Environment; Irrigation and Composting; Small Scale Agriculture; Animal Husbandry: Poultry, Bees and Worms; Vertical Farming; Maximizing the Use of Land Resources and Infrastructure; Working with City Governments within City Ordinances; Construction Techniques, Hoop Houses, Raised Beds; Organic and Sustainable Production and Combatting Diseases and Man-Made Threats.

Each class is led by experts and professors from the SU Ag Center.

To date, the SU Ag Center has held Sustainable Urban Agriculture Certification programs in East Baton Rouge, St. Landry, Livingston, Rapides, Avoyelles, and Natchitoches Parishes.

The Baton Roots Community Farm is a program which provides an opportunity for the Baton Rouge community to learn sustainable agricultural practices on an urban farm. It was developed by The Walls Project to inspire health and wellness among all ages through hands-on gardening with an artistic environment.

For additional information about the Sustainable Urban Agriculture Certification Program, contact Dr. Marlon Ford at

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