Enhancing Capacity of Louisiana’s Small Farms and Businesses

Agricultural Education and Technical Assistance training Programs

Raising achievement and skill levels through teaching, research, and extension/public service to limited social and economic underserved Louisiana communities.

Cooperative Extension is the outreach arm of the Southern University Ag Center committed to providing educational opportunities to our local communities. The Cooperative Extension program has a long-standing reputation of “Linking Citizens of Louisiana with Opportunities for Success” and building lasting partnerships and programs that help solve problems of the citizens of Louisiana who have limited social and economic resources.

Certification Programs

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Get your own food safety certification with SUAREC.

Food & Farm Food Safety Certification

The Food & Farm Food Safety Certification provides basic training to farmers and food production managers on how to prevent, minimize, and reduce the risks of food product contamination during farming, purchasing, receiving, storing, preparing, cooking, reheating, and serving. Federal guidelines for the food production facilities are covered for participants to learn the importance of food safety from farm to table.

Find out how our Small Business Development Certification can help your career.

Small Business Development Certification

The Small Business Development Certification Program assists economically challenged landowners in creating and strengthening agricultural businesses. This educational program includes courses that develop and improve upon the professional skills of Louisiana small entrepreneurs and farmers.

If you work with goats or sheep, our Master Small Ruminant Certification may just be for you.

Master Small Ruminant Certification

The Master Small Ruminant Producer Certification​ Program is a comprehensive course for beginning and advanced goat and sheep producers. This training program is to provide educational training opportunities in small ruminant production, management, and marketing for Low to Moderate Income(LMI) and/or Urgent Need producers to assist in building a viable and sustainable goat and sheep industry in the state of Louisiana.

The urban agriculture certification is perfect for those trying to grow in an urban setting.

Sustainable Urban Agriculture Certification

The Sustainable Urban Agriculture Certification​ Program is an intensive training and field-study farm tour employing sustainable agriculture practices. In this program, participants will become familiar with techniques and strategies necessary to grow fresh fruits, vegetables, and animals in an urban environment sustainably.

Mobile Education and Technology Center

Taking the Classroom to the Community

A partnership between the Louisiana Department of Community Development-Disaster Recovery Unit and the Southern University Ag Center brings “live” instruction and technical skills training and outreach to underserved parishes throughout the state of Louisiana.

The Mobile Lab operates as both a high-tech educational classroom and a mobile extension of our brick & mortar facilities with capabilities to provide internet access, hands-on learning, and enhanced employment opportunities!

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