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Enhancing Capacity of Louisiana's Small Farms and Businesses

The Enhancing Capacity of Louisiana’s Small Farms and Business is an Agricultural Education Technical Assistance certification training program being offered by the Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center, free of charge to Louisiana residents. We provide access to face-to-face, science-based training and education to Louisiana citizens, small businesses, and communities through the completion of the Master Small Ruminant Certification Program, Food Safety Modernization Act Training Program, Sustainable Agriculture Certification Program, or Small Ag Business Development Expanded Training Program.

Our certification programs are administered by a collection of extension specialists, associates, faculty and research professionals, all from experienced backgrounds and committed to educate, train, support, and enhance the skill and abilities of Louisiana citizens, communities, small farms, and businesses:

  • To increase the income of small businesses.
  • Train for safer locally grown and prepared food practices.
  • Increase knowledge of farm food safety practices.
  • Better production practices for small ruminant producers and other small farmers.
  • Enhance opportunities for transitioning farmers.
  • And to enhance employment opportunities for graduates of the certification courses to prepare them for a technological, skilled, and globalized workforce.

The Certification Programs are offered through funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development through a collaboration with the State of Louisiana Division of Administration Office of Community Development.

Our Purpose

The Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center (SUAREC), conducts basic and applied research, and disseminate information to the citizens of Louisiana in a manner that is useful in addressing their scientific, technological, social, economic, and cultural needs. Resources are focused on high priority issues facing the citizens of Louisiana as the needs of this diverse society grow in complexity. The SUAREC offers credible, relevant, and effective research and educational responses that have positive and enduring impact on individuals, families, and communities. One of the goals of the SUAREC is to strengthen the productivity, profitability and competitiveness, of Louisiana’s agriculture, forestry, and fisheries while enhancing the environment and wise use of the natural resources.

Our project sponsors, Louisiana State Office of Community Development Disaster Recovery Unit, attended our Sustainable Urban Agriculture certification training session held in partnership with Baton Roots in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Enhancing Capacity Programs Brochure

Enhancing Capacity Information Brochure