Sustainable Urban Agriculture Certification

Sustainable Urban Agriculture Certification

Program Overview

The Sustainable Urban Agriculture Certification Program is an intensive 12-session training and field-study farm tour employing sustainable agriculture practices. In this program, participants will become familiar with techniques and strategies necessary to grow fresh fruits, vegetables and animals in an urban environment sustainably. Participants learn to work within ordinances and guidelines of city government and galvanize others within the community around agricultural policy. Participants also learn to recycle available resources and discarded items to promote healthier lifestyles and communities.

What is Sustainable Urban Agriculture?

Sustainable Urban Agriculture is the production of food and fiber products using new, emerging and traditional practices in an urban environment. In order for production to be sustainable, it must: protect the environment; include the humane treatment of animals; conserve natural resources and enhance the quality of life for future generations.

Levels of Certification

  • Level One

    Participants earn a certificate of completion after successfully finishing each four-hour session. Participants achieve first level certification after completion of all Level One courses.

  • Level Two

    Participants complete 20 hours in a community garden project or on a sustainable farm in addition to earning Level One certification.

Program Topics

  • Permaculture and the Environment
  • Water Harvesting, Irrigation and Composting
  • Small Scale Agriculture
  • Animal Husbandry: Poultry (Ducks and Chickens) Bees, and Worms
  • Vertical Farming, Hydroponics, and Aquaponics
  • Maximizing of the use of Land Resources and Infrastructure
  • Working with City and Government within City Ordinances
  • Construction Techniques, Hoop Houses, Raised Beds
  • Organic and Sustainable Production
  • Combatting Diseases and Man-Made Threats

Vision: To enrich the lives of Louisiana residents with the knowledge of sustainable agriculture to equip them to lead healthy lives and be good environmental stewards.

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