Small Business Development Certification

Small Business Development Certification

Program Overview

The Small Business Development Certification Program assists economically challenged landowners in creating and strengthening agricultural businesses. This educational program includes courses that develop and improve upon the professional skills of Louisiana small entrepreneurs and farmers.

About the Center

The Center for Rural and Small Business Development operates as the result of a contractual agreement between the Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center and The United States Department of Agriculture, Rural Business-Cooperative Service. It was established to provide technical assistance for business creation in economically challenged rural communities, to conduct educational programs that develop, improve upon the professional skills of rural entrepreneurs, provide outreach and promote USDA Rural Development programs. Our efforts will benefit individuals, households and communities for generations to come.

The Center initiates programs that will provide the necessary services and projects that strengthen and encourage business and economic development. It is positioned to anticipate change and to embrace the challenges facing citizens in rural communities.

Levels of Certification

  • Level One

    Participants will earn a certificate after receiving initial counseling, attending classes, completing all required legal document action, and passing an on-site visit.

  • Level Two

    After completing Level One requirements, participants complete a business and marketing plan to earn Level Two certification.

  • Level Three

    After completing Level One and Two requirements, participants who demonstrate continuous operation development will be able to seek additional certifications through other governmental entities.

Program Topics

  • Starting or Expanding a Business
  • Selecting A Business Structure
  • Business Management and Stewardship
  • Breaking the Leading Code
  • Credit Ready
  • Youth Entrepreneurship

  • Social Media Tools and Techniques
  • Business Marketing
  • Business Technology
  • Managing Risk/ Disaster Business Planning
  • Building A Leadership Team

Our success is built on fostering and encouraging participation in innovation and entrepreneurship and the growth of socially or economically disadvantaged persons and the sustainability of small businesses.

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