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Master Small Ruminant Certification

If you work with goats or sheep, our Master Small Ruminant Certification may just be for you.

Program Overview

The Master Small Ruminant Producer Certification Program is a comprehensive course for beginning and advanced goat and sheep producers. This training program provides educational training opportunities in small ruminant production, management and marketing for Low to Moderate Income(LMI) and/or Urgent Need producers to assist in building a viable and sustainable goat and sheep industry in the state of Louisiana. Farmers must pass a farm inspection to become certified as a Master Small Ruminant Producer. A non-certification track is also available for producers.

Program Topics:

  • Goat and Sheep Industry
  • Biosecurity, Food Safety, and Quality Assurance
  • Selecting and Evaluating Breeding Stock
  • Reproductive Management of Small Ruminants
  • Small Ruminant Nutrition
  • Pasture Management
  • Identifying Poisonous Plants
  • Natural and Organic De-worming Alternatives
  • Diseases in Small Ruminants

  • State and Federal Regulations
  • Record Keeping
  • Production and Marketing
  • Risk Management
  • Establishing a Small Ruminant Facility
  • Hoof Trimming
  • Administering Medications
  • Body Condition Scoring

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