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Milagro Berhane • Senior Research Associate Program Trainer, Sustainable Urban Agriculture

Ms. Berhane has been working at Southern University as Senior Research Associate since 1992. Her vast experiences in the areas of research, teaching and outreach include: Sustainable Agriculture Program trainer. Academic teaching on Commercial Vegetable Production, Plant Propagation and Ornamental Horticulture for the College of Agriculture.

Lab manager for forage analysis for the research project The Performance of Cattle and Goats under Sequential and Mixed-grazing Systems. Utilization of high value vegetable crops for underserved communities, Soil and water management for sustainable agriculture, recycling of crawfish waste meal as a soil amendment, Soil fertility and forage management for production of goats and cattle. She has contributed to the development of sustainable agricultural practices for small-scale farmers. Research on Kenaf as a forage crop and bio-fuel source, Establishment of irrigation systems (flood, sprinkler and drip) for small-scale farmers, Soil fertility evaluation and crop production (field crops, vegetables, forages), Pastured poultry as an alternative enterprise for limited resources farmers. She has Conducted Trueness to Variety trials for USDA and remains actively involved in local, state and national and international Sustainable Agriculture organizations (BREADA, Southern SAWG, SARE, Farmer to Farmer)

At present: State Co-coordinator for SARE (Sustainable Agriculture, Research and Education). Responsibilities include coordinate and execute educational workshops and other outreach events related to sustainable agriculture for the state of Louisiana. 

Co-owner and manager of a local Plant Nursery and a vendor at the Red Stick Farmers Market, since 1996.