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Dr. Fatemeh Malekian • Program Leader/Trainer, Food & Farm Food Safety

Dr. Fatemeh Malekian is a Professor of Food Science and Director of Southern Institute for Food, Nutrition, and Wellness at Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center (SUAREC) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Dr. Malekian received her Ph.D. and M.S. in Food Science/Food Chemistry and Processing from Louisiana State University (LSU), LA.  She spreads her message of good nutrition, health, and food safety through presentations, seminars, workshops, and media.  Fatemeh provides training and leadership support for extension professionals and paraprofessionals and other individuals throughout Louisiana. She is also a food safety instructor teaching ServSafe, Seafood HACCP, Better Processing School, Juice and Retail HACCP, and most recently Produce Safety.  Prior to joining SUAREC faculty and staff, Dr. Malekian worked at Pennington Biomedical Research Center as Food Analysis Laboratory Director for 12 years.  She has received a number of awards for her professional and service accomplishments.  She has been peer-reviewers for a number of scientific journals and has published a number of scientific articles, fact sheets, newspaper articles, etc.  

As an accomplished Professor at Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center, Fatemeh Malekian continues to make exemplary contributions to food science and technology through her innovative research, teaching and extension/outreach programs in the area of obesity and food safety nationally and internationally.  Fatemeh has committed her life, focused research, and vocational interests to the improvement of health and well-being of people as impacted by nutrition and a safe food supply.