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Zanetta Augustine, M.S. • Project Director/Program Trainer, Sustainable Urban Agriculture

Zanetta Augustine is an Assistant Agricultural Specialist for Southern University Cooperative Extension, Agriculture & Natural Resources Program. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics, Southern University College of Agricultural Family and Consumer Sciences and a master’s in Farm Management from Alabama A&M University.

Zanetta has served small, limited-resource farmers since 1993. She worked on various agriculture initiatives ranging from Multi-Species Grazing Project, Small Farmer Ag Leadership Institute Regional and State, the Sustainable Urban Demonstration Farm, Wisteria Alliance-Women in Agriculture Program and the Sustainable Urban Agriculture Certification Program. She also informed youth and young adults about the importance of agriculture through the Ag Center’s summer Academy’s and CLIMATE’s programs.

Zanetta is passionate about nurturing the connection of small farmers and gardeners to the land and the importance of growing healthy food and improving their business skills.